We won at the Mortgage Introducer Awards 2021

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So this happened….. ✨

We won at the Mortgage Introducer Awards 2021!!!!!! Our first Company Award!!!!

We were awarded with Best New Broker and our incredible Sonya won Best Individual Broker!!


To say we were all emotional is an understatement.


I am so proud of this team of incredible women.

I am so proud of Jamie Lewis and I for continuing to push this company forward.

I am so proud of the industry for supporting what we stand for.

And I am so proud of Sonya that my heart could burst! That moment made me cry the most. To witness this woman’s journey has been a privilege and to see her soar last night – words can’t explain…

Most of all I am so THANKFUL for moments like this. Shared with each other, and shared virtually with our team.

Because they are just magic.