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Manifestation really works!!! Being seen and heard by the wider population and appearing on national television has been something The Mortgage Mum’s Founder and Managing Director, Sarah Tucker, has been manifesting for a long time. And it’s happened! (With even more happening soon!)

Sarah Tucker, along with brokers from The Mortgage Mum team have appeared numerous times, including live on air, to talk about the recent mortgage news – including rates, the current climate and what you can do about it if you’re concerned (which lots of you are).

We have been speaking all over the media recently to update the UK on what exactly is going on in the mortgage market.

The headlines have been frightening…

“Lenders pulling from the market”
“950 mortgage products pulled”
“Interest rates are rising”

This is all true, but there ARE ways we can help, ways we can reassure you and to prevent you from panicking and living in fear.

There have been some inaccurate stories in the press too, and it has caused some panic. We were delighted to have been approached and featured on a number of TV and radio programmes, including Sky News, Jeremy Vine on Channel 5, BBC News (TV and Radio), ITV News and more.

With more media coverage coming soon – so watch this space!

If you’ve booked a rate with a mortgage lender or you have a mortgage offer, your rate is SECURE. We have not seen lenders pull rates after application and offer, if the rate has been booked and secured for you.

If you are at all concerned, please contact a member of our team. We are here to help YOU as priority.

Thank you to everyone who has seen and heard us on the news, and for giving us such wonderful feedback. This really is an exciting time for The Mortgage Mum, to be able to offer a trusted voice and expertise in this field that we are so passionate about is an amazing feeling.

If you spot any of us on the television, or hear us on podcasts and on the radio, please let us know by tagging us on social media.