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We had our first in-person team meeting in London last week at Metro Offices on Bishopsgate, and what a special day we had! 30 women gathered together to celebrate, plan and connect! 

I wanted to find a way to summarise the way we have come to the point we are at today, and as I started to write it flowed as a poem.

A poem felt the best way to describe our “journey to now” to the team. It shows the highs and lows and twists and turns of business!

A poem I read to my team, and would love to now share with you…..



So at first it was just me…. Not forgetting our Jamie

And Alison helped us from the start – The original 3!

We created logos and a website, and we drafted a plan

The Mortgage Mum was creating change, in a world designed for man

In September 2019 our first Mortgage Mum joined us, Shelley

The next month we were on the cover of Mortgage Strategy

We ran a course, we learned a lot, we needed a few more

Then we got our first experienced broker walk through the door

Melissa helped us teach and train, and 3 turned into 8

Then Covid came along, & the growing had to wait

Home school, anxiety, stress and fears

A lot of Tuesday meetings had us all in tears

But we carried on, and joined Mortgage Intelligence too

Between onboarding and CAS we had alot of work to do

Sally Laker said she was lucky we’d showed her a new way

They never used video calls until that very day

Now that Covid was here, she was thankful that we came

And we realised our USP would also have to change

Claire and Sonya joined us then, and helped us from day one

Then Carolyne came launching our protection team, and we really felt we’d won

We had Sue join us in July, giving her a brand new start

Then Karen started in her role and really stole our heart

Not forgetting the magic 7 who truly taught us so much

Which we adapted for the fab 5 with Karen’s magic touch

Along came our own admin, thank you Affinity for the loan

Jo Lauren and Gemma joined the pack, we were really starting to grow

Now we wanted our first Award, but we had a way to go!

We were nominated, but never won, and the progress felt so slow

We’d captured their attentions
All eyes were on us
But the mortgage figures were not quite there
So we couldn’t yet live up to the fuss!

The five stars joined us later this year, along with lovely Kirsty

We had a paraplanner to help the brokers be the best that they could be

We built a framework, created our values, and we presented to the team

It felt like we’d up-levelled…. it was starting to look like the dream

In November 2021, we had a special night….

“And the winner is The Mortgage Mum” made us scream in delight!

We jumped, and cried, and danced and laughed. It was the best feeling inside!

And then we watched Sonya win, and we screamed and glowed with pride!

Another 2 Awards came then, and people really started to see

That we were much more than they initially thought we’d be….

We celebrated the year with a trip to Champneys Hotel and Spa

And after years of connecting on the screen we got to see who we really are

A group of incredible women, who are here to change the world

Inspiring the next generation, especially those young girls

We shared the love, and it really felt like we were on our way

So when Jo, Kelly, Natalie and Rach joined in January, it was the icing on the cake

With our own admin, and a solid team, it was time to really go

Until we realised we were missing a part, that was vital for us to grow

There were women who were thriving, but wanting to break free

Who craved the freedom we could give, and we could now see

That by forming this Emerald club, our eco-system was complete

We were an end to end solution, and every broker’s needs we could meet

Jade and Dinta joined us! And now the K team too!

And so there really was only one thing left for us to do

In March we had a record month, our first £100k!

And Jamie & Sarah just didn’t know what to say

Because ever since day one, they’ve believed in this new way

Of freedom, and flexible working. Of taking charge of your day

There’s lows we’ve never shared, many tears cried too

But honestly it’s worth it all when we see what you can do!

And today we come together, to recalibrate

We really do have so much that we can celebrate!

Thank you for being part of a story that we’re only part way through

None of this could happen without every one of you!