Small Home Office Ideas

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Small Home Office Ideas

Working from home is the norm for us Mortgage Mums and we have all had to find a bit of room for ourselves in our homes to set up our work spaces ensuring this works well in the available space. If you are struggling to create a space that works for you then we have some ideas & tips that might help!

Choosing a desk

An essential in a home office is a desk and choosing the right one is a good starting point! One with drawers or some storage underneath are great for keeping the space tidy and hiding everything away when you are not working.

If you have chosen to set up in a room that is also used for another purpose then you can get a desk that fits both, for example if its in a guest room you could get one that doubles up as a dressing table or if its in a corner of your dining room or lounge a bureau style desk might be a good idea as you can close it up to keep things tidy.

Small Home Office Ideas

Additional Storage

If you need more then there are some great slimline filing cabinets around and also some fab industrial filing cabinets, these spaces can still look stylish.

If you are tight on space then you might want to go UP and put shelves on the wall above your workstation, this will keep things close to hand too. You can also add some extras on shelves to put your own touch on it, plants are a good idea or maybe a photo or print.


Who doesn’t love a lamp! Even if its just for show, no home office would be complete without one on the desk. If space is an issue then there are some great slimline options with smaller bases and if there really is not the room on the desk then again, go UP and get one on the wall.

Small Home Office Ideas

The Chair

Trust me, this needs to be comfortable but don’t panic, that doesn’t mean any compromise on style here, oh no. There are some beautiful chairs around (I still have a huge wish list for mine). If space in the room is tight then its worth getting one that will fit under the desk when not in use.

Small Home Office Ideas

Define your space!

Make sure your home office is somewhere you will enjoy being and can feel inspired in. Use your style from the rest of your home to bring it in to the space so the area fits well in your home.

Small Home Office Ideas

If you are like me and a Pinterest addict then create yourself a board and choose some colours, ideas and furniture you like from there and save it as you go along.

Make the space less office like and more homely as you could spend a lot of time in there so you want to be comfortable. Put your own mark on your space and enjoy it !

Melissa x