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A guest blog post for Suffolk Building Society. By Sarah Tucker, Managing Director, The Mortgage Mum.

This guest post is part of a series of blog posts aimed at helping parents with their mortgage concerns

Solicitors are preparing for an even greater spike than usual in divorce or separation enquiries this year. With pressures brought on by the cost of living, and the passing of the no-fault divorce law in April, meaning couples can divorce without putting the blame on either party.

Deciding to separate is one thing, but what happens when you have children? How do you navigate getting a mortgage as a single parent? And how do you separate the house you currently own as a family?

Following the emotional side of deciding to separate, often one of the first things people do is think about the money side of things. As human beings, when our emotions are in distress, our trauma response is to seek control. And money is something everyone wants to be in control of!

Therefore, looking at your mortgage is often one of the first calls you tend to make to stay where you are if possible.

In an article for the Suffolk Building Society website, Sarah Tucker shares advice on the processes involved and everything you need to know when it comes to your mortgage during a financial separation. Read the full article over on the Suffolk Building Society website here.