“I want to be the woman I needed when I entered the mortgage world” – by Sarah Tucker

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I want to be the woman I needed when I entered the mortgage world.

Because what I needed and what was available were worlds apart.

I needed then what we now have.

A safe place. A soft landing in what can be a hard role.

A place where I don’t have to act like a man or flirt “like a woman” to fit in.

An environment where I can be a non-drinker if I want to and still feel fun and interesting.

Instead of feeling judged and pressured and somehow the odd one out.

A place where I can have boundaries and be honest about them.

So I don’t have to find excuses. Instead I can just explain.

A space where my voice matters. And what I say is heard.

Even if all I need to voice is how I feel.

A room full of people who champion me and pick me up.

So that I can feel supported to grow.

A woman who shows me what’s possible, and paves the way.

Whilst being totally human. Because perfection doesn’t exist.

Who actively encourages me to have children.

And shows me that opportunities don’t stop when you take on the role of “Mother”.

In fact they show me the opposite. That somehow the title of Mum gives you a fuel and a fire that is hard to replicate.

Yep… I’d have loved to work for The Mortgage Mum, surrounded by incredible women while I navigated the life of a broker.

I’d have felt SO excited by the monthly wellbeing sessions and the culture and the Awards and the TV segments.

I’d have been so keen to help the company grow, and to be part of something so special.

A company who is truly making a difference and bringing change.

And I’d have felt so bloody privileged to be a woman fighting for the flexibility of other women who were not as fortunate as me.

But instead….

I get to be the woman I needed all along.

I get to create this space from scratch with the help of the women beside me.

I get to lead this phenomenal team.

Witnessing their rise time and time again.

And perhaps that is the greatest privilege of all.

If you are a broker and you want to work in a space like this, we are recruiting RIGHT NOW!

So please get in touch with me today. We want to hear from YOU.

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Photo of The Mortgage Mum team at Metro Bank (UK) thanks to a recent meeting hosted by Emma Betteridge and Charles Morley.

“I want to be the woman I needed when I entered the mortgage world” – by Sarah Tucker