How much paperwork do we need to get you a mortgage?

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How much paperwork do we need to get you a mortgage?

So many of our initial calls with customers pose thoughts such as “I may just use my current lender because I cannot be bothered with all the paperwork.”

It really is not as bad as you think!

Here at The Mortgage Mum we have a unique online portal, a website where you can upload your documents in an instant! It’s just like uploading them to an email. It’s unique and efficient!

All we need is your last three months’ bank statements, your last three months’ payslips if you’re employed or your last two years’ accounts if you’re self-employed.

If we haven’t met you previously, or secured a mortgage for you before then we require proof of ID and proof of residency.

That’s it!

The process is so easy, you can scan it on your phone and upload it directly to our online portal, which means we have your documents within a matter of minutes.

We want to provide a service that works for you, so whether you prefer video calls, telephone calls, email contact or dealing directly with just our website.

It’s not as hard as you may think to work with a mortgage broker like us and we give you so much more value than just simply sourcing a mortgage for you. It’s more than a search engine, and money is more than numbers. It’s about mindset, goal setting, future planning, your vision for your life. It’s about how you feel about your money going forward and we want to help you achieve so much more than just a new rate.

Get in touch with us and find out how The Mortgage Mum experience is different from any other.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Sarah Tucker, Mortgage Broker and founder of The Mortgage Mum