The power of coaching with Gary Das

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In this very special spotlight podcast episode I interview Gary Das – a well-known personal brand in the mortgage and financial services industry!

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Gary is a performance coach and mentor focused on helping service-based business owners to build a fun and profitable lifestyle business. Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Best-selling Author, the host of the ProActive Podcast and Financial PRO podcast and a man on a mission. Gary wants to inspire the world to be more ProActive so everyone can achieve more mentally, physically, and financially.

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We talk about:

– Gary’s journey to success and the ups and downs of business ownership

– How he rode the credit crunch in 2008

– How marketing changed Gary’s career

– The power of coaching, self-development and mentoring

– The difference between a coach and a mentor

– How to generate leads effectively online

– The power of a personal brand

– How Gary helps other financial advisers achieve success in their lives and business

– The importance of automation, and processes

– Why Gary set up the ProActive Podcast!

– Gary’s book on Self Employed Mortgages

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And listen to his podcast – The ProActive Podcast and Financial PRO Podcast on all major platforms.

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