Kirsty Doherty

Mortgage Broker  | Derby, Derbyshire

Kirsty Doherty

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Kirsty Doherty

Kirsty Doherty

Mortgage Broker | Derby, Derbyshire

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Kirsty has been working as a Mortgage Administrator since 2019, but after falling pregnant and the pandemic hitting, the qualifications got put on hold. After accidentally coming across The Mortgage Mum, Kirsty knew she had found the company she wanted to work for. Knowing she would soon have to choose between her career and spending time with her two young children wasn’t something she wanted to do. So, seeing the job vacancy gave her a push to complete her apprenticeship and gain the CeMAP qualifications.

‘Being flexible and present with my children is a huge priority for me, so when I found The Mortgage Mum and spoke to Sarah, I knew I needed the job! To be in a company that values and understand the importance of a work-life balance is incredible. 

Those close to Kirsty would describe her as loyal, friendly, and supportive. Always ensuring be people feel safe and comfortable in her presence. Which is something that transfers into her work life. 

When not working you’ll find Kirsty just switching off and enjoying her spare time. Through walks in the peaks, trips to the beach and days out with her family.

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