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Joanna Connolly

Joanna Connolly

Mortgage Broker

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Joanna found the buzz of buying property when she purchased her first flat on her own back in 2011. It was very daunting to be buying on her own and a huge step but extremely rewarding. 

Joanna is married with two children, and it was during her maternity she realised that the old role as an Account Executive which she enjoyed doing was not feasible with her two young children. With the commute being the overbearing factor, she decided a change of career was needed to be able to work closer to home. When her mortgage was due for renewal rather than use her old broker, she decided to do some research herself. Quickly it become apparent that the role was interesting, and she could use her skills in customer service to really get to know the clients and help them with their purchases.

One afternoon looking for information about how to become a mortgage broker she came across The Mortgage Mum and realised that was the place she wanted to join and be part of the family. After passing her exams and waiting for the right time she applied for The Mortgage Mum and couldn’t believe it when she was accepted.

“To be able to set goals at a time in my life when I was unsure of the outcome was a huge step for me and I’m so proud of myself for not giving up. I’m very grateful Sarah and the team saw my star qualities and wanted me onboard.”

At home you can find Joanna enjoy a kettlebell workout, cooking with her children and searching for holidays to new and exciting destinations.

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