Mortgage calculators and why you shouldn’t use them with Alex Curtis

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Sometimes what you WANT is not what you NEED.

As Alex quotes in this episode:

Henry Ford once said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”….

“How much can I borrow on a mortgage?” and “Mortgage Calculators” are 2 of the most googled mortgage questions. We explain why this is a pointless exercise for you, and the reason these companies entice you in this way!

In this new podcast episode Sarah Tucker talks to Alex Curtis, Founder of The Lead Engine about why you shouldn’t use a mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow, and the reason that websites use a calculator to get your data!

Alex Curtis started his digital marketing career part-time whilst still at university. In 2004 Alex worked for 2 digital marketing agencies until 2014 when he started his journey as a freelance digital marketing consultant.

Since then The Lead Engine team has grown, working with far more businesses and bigger clients making a name for themselves as one of the top digital marketing firms in the financial services industry.

Alex hosts The Advisers Assemble Podcast and Facebook community of the same name. Pre-lockdown his company ran two annual marketing masterclass events for financial advisers too.

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The Lead Engine is a lead generation marketing agency for financial services. Traditionally brokers and advisors either rely on introducers, referrals or buy leads from third party websites. With either a lack of knowledge or feel like they are bogged down by compliance, small to medium-sized broker firms rarely market their own business and brand to generate leads.

The Lead Engine was formed to disrupt this trend and help financial services companies generate warmer leads for a lower cost using their own brand and website.

This is in total alignment with The Mortgage Mum brand, and what we stand for!

Listen in as we discuss what marketing companies ACTUALLY do with your data, and why its unethical to mortgage brokers and to consumers.

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Our beautiful intro and outro piano music was created and recorded by the incredible Zoe Alexandria – Please check her out on social media. She is so talented.