4:10:10 – You heard it here first (and 1.5 million views later)

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It took 4 seconds to walk onto The Voice UK stage.

It felt like jumping out of a plane ✈️

It took a further 10 seconds to walk to the microphone.

10 silent seconds where all I could hear were my heels connecting with the stage and my breathing.

All I could see was bright lights and Jennifer Hudson’s hair poking out of the side of her giant red chair.

All I could focus on was one random woman in the audience.

I took a deep breath, and as I heard the piano I started to sing.

For 80 seconds I gave it my all. With no chair turns and all my high notes hit I wondered if this was going to happen for me.

But it was the final 10 seconds that counted.

The final 10 seconds where I remember thinking “none of them have turned and you have 10 seconds Sarah to sing your heart out. DO IT”

10 seconds where I had to get out of my head and give it everything I had.

And so I closed my eyes and SANG.

And then it happened.


3 turns.

And then finally….


There. She. Is

Jennifer Hudson. Fellow woman. Powerhouse. Absolute superstar. Turning for me and my voice.

Cue insane foot stamping and cheering and just ELATION.


No matter where you are in your life or career – it applies.

If you choose to challenge yourself you will experience this.


As a new mortgage broker, I tell our team:

4 is your CeMAP

10 is getting going as a broker. Delivering. You’re doing it but you’re wondering why it’s not dropping yet.

It’s the final 10.

The final 10 is that big push when you think you’ve got nothing left to try.

That final 10 MAKES a broker.

Lots of people give up in the middle 10.

But it’s the final 10 that will see you through to success.

So this post is your reminder.

If you’re in the 4:10:10 know that the moment you’ve been waiting for is coming.

The turn.

The elation.

The proof of your hard work.

So keep going, keep pushing and keep believing.

It’s a process.

Trust it 🙏🏻

4:10:10 – you heard it here first ✨