Experienced Mortgage Broker

Everything you need to know to become 
a Mortgage Mum.

Experienced Mortgage Broker

CeMAP qualification required and experience as a mortgage broker needed.

You will be given access to our beautiful brand and a supportive, inspirational space to work flexibly around your life. We will promote true work life balance. We will encourage flexibility and independence and you will feel truly supported by us, as well as other like-minded women at your side.

How does it work?

You will be self-employed and will pay a monthly membership fee into The Mortgage Mum. For this you will receive:

  • FCA authorisation and the ability to start working as a mortgage broker
  • Access and membership to The Mortgage Mum brand; including your own business card, all stationery and documents and the ability to advertise using the brand
  • Membership to Mortgage Intelligence, our amazing Network, including access to their broker helpdesk and online tutorials and e-courses
  • Full IT support, including all of the systems and databases required to perform your role as a Mortgage Broker and access to our IT help desk
  • Support from our administration team, who will assist you in chasing your mortgage cases through from mortgage application to completion
  • Compliance – we take care of all of your compliance requirements to perform your role successfully. Your cases will be checked by our in-house case checking team as well as our network and you will have access to your own Business Assurance Manager; alongside The Mortgage Mum mentoring and coaching
  • Mentoring and coaching by The Mortgage Mum – this will include online supervision, fortnightly 1:1 meetings, and coaching until you are CAS (Competent Advisor Status). CAS status is achieved when you have completed a minimum of 5 satisfactory mortgages, and this will be signed off by our Network.
  • Access to our exclusive private Facebook group and our Whatsapp team group. This will be a safe space for you to support one another and post about any issues you are having. You will receive inspiration and live Q&A from The Mortgage Mum to assist you in running your business
  • Once you are CAS status, you will have 1:1 quarterly reviews with your Business Assurance Manager and The Mortgage Mum.
  • Weekly team meetings with The Mortgage Mum, which can be attended virtually or in person
  • CPD training sessions and webinars
  • Exclusive membership to Criteria and Affordability Hub, as well as Mortgage Brain Anywhere
  • Commission splits available on request

Is there a minimum joining period?

Yes. You will be required to commit to 12 months with The Mortgage Mum Limited from your first month of membership.

What do you need to buy to become a Mortgage Mum?

You will need:

  • Your own laptop. Ideal specification below:

Minimum spec of Intel i5 Processor
Solid State Disk (SSD)
Windows 10 64-bit• A mobile phone (which we expect you will already have!). You may want to have a work mobile phone, but this is not compulsory.

  • An app to be able to record all telephone calls incoming and outgoing until you reach CAS status.

iPhone App – TapeACall Pro (recommended)
Android App – Cube ACR (recommended)

We would recommend that you use Microsoft Teams or Zoom where possible. Your files need to be saved in your shared drive.

  • Stationery (pen, notepad, calculator)
  • Printer (not essential but useful)
  • Webcam (not essential but useful)
  • A Tripod and light for your Mortgage Mum social media videos (not essential but useful)
  • A professional photo shoot. We have an exclusive relationship with Stephen Wallace https://www.stephenwallacephotography.com, who is an incredible photographer and is very familiar with our brand and how we would like it to be photographed. He has completed the branding shoots for the current team of Mortgage Mums and, subject to your location, is able to do this for all new recruits. You are also welcome to use your own professional photographer, and we will send you a specification to ensure your shots are on brand and in line with our requirements. These photographs will be used on all social media platforms as well as our website.
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