Krystle Ward

Senior Mortgage and Protection Advisor   | Warwick

Krystle Ward

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Krystle Ward

Krystle Ward

Senior Mortgage and Protection Advisor  | Warwick

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In her early working life, Krystle spent her time employed in restaurants to fund her education and desire to be successful. Equipped with a thirst for knowledge, she studied for, and gained – a Diploma in Business and a Degree in Business Management.

On finishing her degree, she found herself somewhat at a bit of loss for what to do. She loved looking after customers and wanted to pursue something along those lines but was unsure of exactly what. Feeling stuck in a rut, she decided to turn her life upside down and spent a few years travelling Australia. Upon her return, she knew it was time to get serious and find her true calling.

The chance arose to become a Customer Service Assistant and then a Banking Manager at a Building Society. Whilst there, she found herself looking up to the Mortgage Advisers, believing that their role made a real difference to people’s lives. Krystle knew then that a career in Mortgage Advice was what she wanted for herself.

Once qualified, Krystle landed a role at a large estate agency as a Mortgage and Protection Consultant. She was there for three and a half years and absolutely loved her job. Helping people to buy their homes was her passion but she yearned for more flexibility and the freedom to be available for her clients when they needed her. Then one day she stumbled upon Sarah and The Mortgage Mum and just knew it would be the right company for her to work with.

“I am very excited to offer advice and guidance to my clients throughout the whole house buying process, at a time that suits them. Mortgages can be really intimidating to people, so I am on a mission to offer advice in a clear and simple way. Buying a property can sometimes be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to help ease the stress and make the whole experience less daunting”.

When she isn’t at work, Krystle can usually be found at home with her husband and their three cats: Betty, Lester and Nelson. Having recently moved house herself, she is often found with a paintbrush in her hand or scrolling Pinterest for ideas on decorating their home. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and often winds down from a busy day by losing herself in a good book.