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Listen to my new episode from The Mortgage Mum podcast is out now on all major podcast directories including Apple and Spotify.

In this new and exciting podcast episode I talk to Colin Horton, a multi award winning Surveyor and owner of 2 practices – Hortons Valuers and Hortons Homebuyers. He also describes himself as a a semi-successful property investor, budding podcaster and self confessed LinkedIn disruptor.

Colin is under selling himself here – he has disrupted not just LinkedIn, but also the surveyor world with his unique approach to surveys and lease extensions. The definition of the word – entrepreneur – Colin talks “candidly” – pardon the pun, he has a new podcast called “CANDID” about his journey to owning 2 successful companies as well as the reality of life as a valuer.

We also give you some valuable information to take away and we break it down in a way that is easy to understand. You will learn about:

– Homebuyers reports and why you need them

– Lease Extensions and why you may need one

– When and how you extend a lease and the things you need to be aware of

– ZERO valuations – what are they and how do they happen?

– Behind the scenes of a valuer, and what it is REALLY like

– Colin’s career history to date

– Marketing inspiration and a guide on how to build a successful brand

– How to use LinkedIn to market yourself and your business

If you are a business owner, this episode will really inspire you to hear the mindset of an entrepreneur – the self drive and motivation needed to succeed and the courage you need to have to put yourself “out there” time and time again, even when it’s hard!

If you are a potential client you will learn what you need to know about homebuyers reports and lease extensions – which is incredibly important information when buying a flat.

To see what Colin is up to follow him here:

And look out for Colin’s new podcast – CANDID!

If you have any questions for Sarah or Colin following this podcast please email or contact me on social media or by emailing

Thank you for listening!

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