How to Fund Your Dream Extension using your Mortgage

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We’re delighted to announce that Episode 5 of The Mortgage Mum podcast is now available to listen to on Apple, Google and Spotify.

Are you dreaming of that extension?

Do you wonder how other people do it?

Has lockdown had you wanting to improve your home?

Let us help you! In this episode Sarah Tucker talks about how you can create your dream home using your mortgage. Grab your Pinterest board and be inspired to improve your current home with The Mortgage Mum. Learn about the process, how to finance it in the best way, and start to visualise how you’d love your home to be! Sarah talks about mortgages, moodboards and visualisation as well as insights into her own renovation journey.

Head over to The Mortgage Mum’s Pinterest board to see some exclusive photos of Sarah’s renovation –

And if you would like some mortgage advice to try to improve your home contact us. We would love to help you!

Our beautiful intro and outro piano music was created and recorded by the incredible Zoe Alexandria – Please check her out on social media. She is so talented.

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