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Divorce, Separation and your Mortgage

Our first podcast episode of the new year is here, available to listen to on all major podcast platforms.

“Divorce, Separation and your Mortgage” is the subject of my new episode on The Mortgage Mum podcast.

– What happens to a joint mortgage when you get divorced?

– I am getting divorced. Can I stop paying my mortgage?

– Can my ex partner take over the mortgage?

– How do I remove my name from the mortgage if I am getting divorced?

– Can I buy my partner out of the mortgage?

– Can I get a new mortgage if I am getting divorced?

I answer all these questions and more and I talk about the logistics when it comes to your mortgage.

Money is hugely emotive; yet it’s one of the biggest worries you have when you are facing separation. Let me ease the strain and guide you through the process.

In this episode I cover:

– How you can buy your partner out of your property and mortgage

– Ideas to help if affordability is an issue

– How you can still buy a property, even when still owning your marital home

– What to do if you are tied in with your current lender

– The logistics of dividing the finance

– Maintenance and how it affects your mortgage application

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Sarah Tucker

Founder/MD – The Mortgage Mum

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