Your complete guide to becoming a mortgage broker

Next course date: 22nd June 2022
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Your complete guide to becoming a mortgage broker

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Your complete guide to becoming a mortgage broker

Ever wondered what it’s REALLY like to be a mortgage broker?

Not sure if mortgage broking is for you?

Thinking of a career change but afraid to commit to studying?

Do you wish you could try it out before you take a leap of faith?

Our next online course, ‘Your Complete Guide to Becoming a Mortgage Broker’, hosted by Sarah Tucker & Sonya Matharu of The Mortgage Mum runs from 10am to 1pm on Wednesday 22nd June 2022.

About the course

Before you spend money and time on qualifications, make sure this is the right move for you, with this exclusive and interactive workshop, designed and hosted by two award-winning mortgage brokers who have been in the same position as you! 

This is an interactive workshop, designed to give you the opportunity to ‘try’ what it’s like to be an independent mortgage broker.

You will walk away with an exclusive guide to prepare for future interviews in the mortgage industry and, once fully qualified, all course attendees will receive a GUARANTEED spot on our next recruitment day and will bypass the first stage of the process. You are truly investing in your future!

This course is for those who are studying, and those who are not. You can even attend if you’re fully qualified and looking for advice on your next steps!

What’s involved

  • Overview of the qualification
  • The life of a broker
  • How much you can earn
  • How you get leads
  • What a typical day looks like
  • Branding
  • What happens next? The truth!
  • How to get recruited and all of your options
  • A deep dive into the role!
  • An exclusive ‘try before you buy’ workshop
  • Q & A

About the hosts - Sarah Tucker & Sonya Matharu

Sarah Tucker and Sonya Matharu are household names in the mortgage industry, winning the prestigious MI Awards for ‘Best Individual Broker’ and ‘Best New Broker’ as well as ‘Business Leader of the Year’, ‘Best Newcomer’ and ‘Mortgage Broker of the Year’ in 2021.

They are committed to using their voices to enhance the mortgage industry by welcoming in and inspiring new talent, and removing the stereotype of a ‘mortgage broker’.

“Financial Services was previously a space that was intimidating, and still is to many, and we have certainly felt this as young women. We are re-designing the space with The Mortgage Mum to ensure no one else feels this way, whether you are an aspiring broker or a future client.”

Investment: £299

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“I really enjoyed how interactive the course was and I took so much away from the day. Sarah and Sonya were so open and honest about their experiences within the industry and were more than happy to share inside information on all aspects which could never be covered by a Google search. They are both very approachable, supportive and encouraging of women entering into financial services and gave so many tips and tricks on what to consider before being interviewed and questions to ask during an interview. Having been employed by the same employer since 2017, this was so useful! I highly recommend the course to anyone who has worked within the mortgage industry and is considering life as a broker or to anyone who is considering a complete change of career”.

“I was so excited to join The Mortgage Mum ‘How to become a mortgage broker’ course this week.  I had stumbled across Sarah a few months back and after talking with her it was as if all the signs have been pointing me to change my career since! Having already worked with mortgages and being in the financial sector for just shy of 15 years, I still had more to learn about what being a broker looks like… enter… this course! The day was fantastic, we got to meet and speak to like-minded women and share our own stories. Sarah and Sonya had a jam-packed agenda with all the relevant information for people who were either thinking of becoming a broker or were on their journey. One thing you don’t get from Google is how to be a mortgage broker but this course really have an insight into how it’s done! From what an average day looks like to how to build your brand. I’ve learned that it’s not going to be easy to begin with but you can do it, just believe in yourself! I chose to invest in myself and what I’d like for my family and career in the future and I believe I will go on from this course to become a mortgage broker – hopefully with The Mortgage Mum in the future”.

“I was blown away with the Mortgage Mum’s ‘Your complete guide to becoming a Mortgage Broker’ course. So much so, it further increased my passion and drive to pursue a career in the Mortgage industry. I have spent the last 3 months going for early morning park walks after the busy school drop off and literally can’t wait to listen to the wonderful Mortgage Mum Podcast full of invaluable expertise and knowledge about various financial topics around the Mortgage industry. The Podcasts have inspired me to keep focused on my Mortgage studies thanks to the way they make a very difficult subject so much easier to understand. I passed my Cemap 2 Exam and certainly put a lot of this credit down to both Sarah and Sonya and their ‘Your complete guide to becoming a Mortgage Broker’ course. They provide help to mortgage customers, but also to many Cemap students! Thank you for sharing your kind and inspirational knowledge during the course and on my early morning walks whilst doing my Mortgage Cemap studies. I look forward to listening to many more on my next journey competing Cemap 3, which hopefully not too long away now”.