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Kelly Ellis

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Kelly worked for several years in the banking and accounts sector but decided to leave when she couldn’t get the flexible hours she needed to enable her to spend time with her three young children.

It had always been Kelly’s intention to return to work and have a career, but most importantly it had to give her a good work-life balance.

Kelly remembers seeing part of an interview with a successful business woman and her 2 children. She thought to herself “If she can do it why can’t I”.

Kelly started to look at career options and after talking to friends and family becoming a Mortgage Broker really stood out.

While Kelly was studying for her CeMAP, she started to look into the possibility of buying her first home, which she had always been told would be impossible especially as they were now a family of six.

The mortgage broker who helped Kelly and her husband was amazing, explaining everything clearly concisely and in a way that was easy to understand, ultimately helping Kelly and her family to achieve their goal. This made Kelly even more driven to continue with her studies, what could be more rewarding than helping others to get their dream home.

Kelly feels that there are so many people who believe that they will never get on the housing ladder and it’s impossible, but as she found out with the right mindset and advice anything can be achieved.

Kelly went on to pass her CeMAP exams and instantly started to send out her CV to various companies again experiencing the same problems, flexible work hours. Kelly contacted Paul Archer who had helped her with her CeMAP training in hope he may be able to point her in the right direction. He kindly put Kelly in touch with Sarah Tucker, Kelly attended one of The Mortgage Mum workshops and instantly knew that this would be perfect, she could pursue her career as a Mortgage Broker, still be there for her family and not have to apologise, the dream job.

“I also discovered that Sarah Tucker was the successful business woman I had seen being interviewed and whose image had stayed with me”

Outside of work Kelly loves spending time her family going on walks and for days out, she also enjoys catching up with friends when she has a spare 5 minutes.