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Listen to my new episode from The Mortgage Mum podcast is out now on all major podcast directories including Apple and Spotify.

In this episode I talk openly about protection and how important it is. I aim to demystify and remove the stigma surrounding insurance by explaining and breaking down the main products you need to consider and why you need them.

This includes:

– Life insurance

– Critical illness cover

– Family income benefit

– Income protection

– Business protection

As always, I aim to answer all of your questions including:

– What does the term protection mean?

– Why do we need life insurance?

– What If I have pre-existing medical conditions? (life Insurance)

– Do I need critical illness cover?

– What is Income Protection?

– What is family income benefit?

– How much should I budget?

If you have any questions following this podcast please email I would love to help you!

Our beautiful podcast music was created and recorded by the incredible Zoe Alexandria –

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