The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19

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The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19

It is hard to find the right words at this extremely unique and unsettling time we are experiencing, but I feel there is so much power in positive words and actions. The rainbows are a symbol of hope for so many, and our children have been busy putting them up in our windows to make people smile. There are hundreds in Leigh on Sea, drawn on the pavement in chalk and even hung on bunting across the streets. Some businesses have struggled to operate during this time, but we are very proud and grateful to be running as usual. We will support our local businesses during this, and when this passes, we will be there to support them as much as we can.

Here are some of the ways The Mortgage Mum is able to help you, as our customers, during this time:

     · We have always worked remotely. We conduct video appointments, telephone appointments and we can liaise using our handy client portal. This makes life as easy as possible for you and for us and means we can get you the information you need fast; with or without isolation and lockdown!

     · We are emotionally aware of how challenging this is for you all. As women, we intuitively understand the highs and lows of such a complex situation and we are here to make life as easy as possible for you. Talk to us, if nothing else, we know how to listen.

     · We know the up to date criteria for all of the lenders, and can advise you on what is best for you. Whether that’s in relation to a payment holiday, a product transfer or your remortgage; we’ll let you know what’s best!

     · We will always be honest. If it’s best to wait, we will tell you.

     · Remortgages, product transfers, protection and wills can still be arranged for you now.

     · We are available any time that suits you! We do not work office hours and office days and we never have, so whatever time of day we can be there for you.

Some things that are helping me at this time are:

     · Daily exercise. We are loving The Body Coach: PE with Joe every morning at 9am which gives me a reason to get up and ready every day by a certain time. I also love yoga, which is so good for the mind body and spirit.

The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19

Daily meditation. The children even join in. I love Deepak Chopra but also Jay Shetty, both of which have been doing free meditation challenges.

     · Daily gratitude. Finding simple things to be grateful for.

The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19

     · Journaling – we are living through history and writing down your thoughts is a great technique to process your emotions. I journal anyway for my own personal development but if you don’t I would recommend you start to. Right now is a time we will look back on for years to come, so make sure you have something to document it. I am also doing a scrap book with my daughter, who is 6.

     · Communication. Telling my husband when I need space and time for myself within the madness of our lives. We both work full time and it can be a challenge for all households, especially with no childcare and no escape (other than our daily walk) but communication is key! It is ok to need to be alone sometimes.

     · Finding something you can do that is a positive outcome while you are staying at home. Whether that’s clearing your wardrobe or taking the time to do something you never make time for usually or getting off the treadmill of life and making time to let go and relax. Find something that you could have never done usually.

     · Stay safe. Stay home. Stay positive. You are doing your best. We are all in this together and here at The Mortgage Mum, we are here for you. Whatever you may need.

The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19
The Mortgage Mum & Covid-19

A huge thank you to the NHS, key workers and Emergency Personnel who are going above and beyond to serve us all. We offer endless gratitude to you – and WE HAVE NEVER AND WILL NEVER CHARGE A FEE for any advice to those who work in these sectors. It is our way of saying thank you!

Sarah x